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who we are

"The Building Bridges Collaborative was created with a vision to deeply impact the community by providing a plethora of resources and above all else provide support and love for those who might not get that love anywhere else. It began as a simple roundtable discussion with the Children's Home of Northern Kentucky and Love Must Win. From there we have had up to 40 organizations join us at a single meeting. Showing that this city and this community are ready for some unifying action.


In the Fall of 2018, leadership from Cincinnati Pride and the rejuvenated Cincinnati Black Pride were among those to forge conversations about the challenges of mobilizing our community across lines of difference (e.g., gender, sexual orientation, race, age, class, and other identities) as well as across geographical lines. Aware that Cincinnati once had a center, conversations were re-initiated about why a center didn't exist. With the population in the region growing, and many coming from cities who had such a resource, it became clear that there was a desire to start the process to create a center. However, an initial body of people who came together to plan believed it would be best to survey our community in order to ensure any planning is responsive to what the community wants. Securing 1000 unique survey responses in March 2019 is sure to offer invaluable insight into what a center can look like. The name "The Building Bridges" Center seems to capture the intention of building a diverse and inclusive community.


"Inclusive, dynamic and PROUD" isn't just a tagline, it's the motto we live by. Intentionally creating spaces where all people are welcomed and all subsets and pieces of the community are encouraged to join in and actively participate. We vow to put the phrase "all are welcome" into action. Serving the Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Southeast Indiana areas, we aspire to unite and build bridges to create a brighter future for all!"


Ryan Joseph Allen & Tim'm T. West

Two among many Greater Cincinnati LGBTQ+ leaders supporting this effort!

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